Ten Commandments

The Southeastern Legal Foundation is keenly aware of the national concern over the placement of the Ten Commandments and other historical documents in public buildings. 

As a constitutional public interest law firm and policy center, SLF has undertaken a special project, the American Religious and Legal Heritage Protection Project, to address the questions raised by both sides - those who seek protection of American religious and legal heritage, and those who seek to remove all references to God from public documents and buildings as a protection against state-endorsed religious ideology.

As you will find in the research and legislative blueprint language offered by SLF, America's religious heritage - and its direct and vital impact on the development of American law - can and should be protected in a constitutional manner.

Several states are currently reviewing or introducing legislation based on the following research.  As always, SLF stands ready, willing and able to provide legal and policy support for the principal that America's religious heritage is a vital component of our system of laws.