Media Info  

Shannon Goessling, Southeastern Legal Foundation executive director and chief legal counsel, is a regular contributor to FOX News Channel.  She also appears on CNN, MSNBC, and on network affiliates across the nation.  Her work can be seen in daily newspapers and heard on nationally syndicated talk radio programs.  Shannon offers legal insights from a conservative perspective on a range of constitutional, political, government and criminal issues. 

Todd Young, Southeastern Legal Foundation chief operating officer, oversees national media outreach and policy education on critical issues ranging from global warming and legal reform to government regulation and the courts.  His work can be seen in daily newspapers, on FOX News Channel, CNN, and MSNBC, and heard on talk radio programs across the nation.  

Southeastern Legal Foundation maintains a range of former elected officials, high-ranking government appointees, corporate leaders, and top private attorneys for media availability. 

Please contact Todd Young to arrange for an interview or seek more information. 317-2423.